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YAY you're engaged! Now comes the fun part of planning your special day. Planning a wedding takes time and patience but don't worry, we're here to help!
At April & Jay Photography, we LOVE weddings! After being married for over 20 years, nothing fills our hearts more than seeing couples begin the story of the rest of their lives together.
We strive to capture not just the big moments, but the small often missed moments and the raw emotions that fill in the chapters that tell the true story of your day.

Hello bride to be!

We love to hear your stories about how you met, how he proposed, what emotions you both felt as he proposed. So we thought, why not share our own story with you? So about 21 years ago, Jay's brother worked at a car lot. His job each day was to take title work into the BMV, which is where April worked. And every day he would bug April, telling her that she needed to meet his brother, and she told him NO every day. Well finally one day Jay's brother convinced her to at least give him her number so that Jay could call her. Well, Jay did call and we talked for quite some time. April will tell you, once she hung up the phone she told her Mom, "I'm going to marry that man!".  We had agreed on a first date.

After that first date it was pretty much the beginning of the rest of our lives together. We fell in love right away. We dated for about 6 months and then it was Christmas time. Jay proposed to me at his dad's house in front of his family. A few months later we were married and even expecting our first child! Our first baby was born 20 years ago and we now have 3. When our youngest was born is when we started this journey into our photography career. Everyone loves to have their baby's pictures taken when they're born! After the pics were taken April decided she wanted to learn to take pictures herself. That is when our little business started!


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• Warm coffee on a cool autumn morning
• Large rooms filled with natural light
• All white rooms with pops of color
• Plants in every room
• Church architecture with columns
• Stylish bar carts and champagne
• Colorful blooms and beautiful tablescapes
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Typographic prints and handwritten fonts

Your experience isn't just about our interaction together. The experience we want to give you is for a lifetime. Your journey began at I DO and last's forever after. Your experience with A&J is the little moments during your wedding all the way up to the album on your coffee table, the canvas or prints on the wall for everyone who enters your home to enjoy. A way you can tell your visitors THIS is our story and it is displayed for everyone to enjoy for generations to come!

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