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July 24, 2018

Wedding Day Survival Kit | 20 Must Haves For Your Big Day



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Your day is going to be long, so we’ve comprised 20 must haves items and came up with a Wedding Day Survival Kit. As much as everyone would like to think it, your day probably won’t go exactly as planned! We know you already have tons to plan for and get ready, so be sure to prepare your survival kit a few weeks before your big day.


  1. Sewing Kit – We put this as No. 1 because it might be the the most important! Those little buttons aren’t always real secure, especially on those rented tuxedos!
  2. Tide To Go Stick – Keep that dress white!
  3. Lint Roller – No one wants lint showing up in their pictures do they?
  4. Bobby Pins – We can’t tell you how many times April has helped put the bride’s hair back up!
  5. Comfy Shoes – Brides always look stunning in their high heels they chose to go with the dress, having some comfy shoes to change into for a long night of dancing is a must!
  6. Spray Bottle – Fill it with plain ole water, it’ll help in case of fly away hairs and even remove wrinkles in a pinch!
  7. Deodorant – No explanation needed here!
  8. Tissues – The tears will be flowing, might even have a couple of extra boxes on hand just in case!
  9. Protein/Granola Bars – It’s gonna be a long day, keep up with some protein bars.
  10. Breath Mints – Don’t want to have that first kiss after eating a protein bar do you?
  11. Antacid – Don’t get caught with an upset stomach on your special day.
  12. Acetaminophen – Removes aches & pains and easier on your stomach than ibuprofen.
  13. Clear Umbrellas – You never know if it will rain or not on your wedding day. You can be prepared though. Your bridal party would appreciate one too, so why not pick one up for each of them. Also, the bubble kind are cute & all, but they have a tendency to block your face so the pictures might not be too flattering.
  14. Clear Band Aids – Get the clear ones so that they won’t be showing up as bad in the photos.
  15. Safety Pins – There’s going to be things that’ll need pinned back up, be prepared for it.
  16. Cell Phone Charger – Maybe even bring a couple extra, your phone is going to get used A LOT throughout the day, you don’t want it going dead on you!
  17. Hair Spray – We know you had your hair done by a professional and it looks beautiful, but that wind might not care!
  18. Bug Spray – One thing we’ve learned over the years, bugs love white dresses! That, and bug bites don’t look great in pictures. So if you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception this is a must have.
  19. Mini First Aid Kit – What good would a survival kit be without a first aid kit?
  20. A Big Smile – This is the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life, live it up!


So there it is, our Wedding Day Survival kit. So be sure you’re ready for your big day. Put together your survival kit a couple of weeks before the big day, that way you know you’re not going to forget something.

One more really big tip we have, if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for Amazon Wedding Registry. Amazon is such an easy place to shop and your guests will love the time it saves them to pick up the stuff you really want!

I’m sure there’s other things we could add to our survival kit, so if you have any tips or suggestions of your own, please feel free to comment below. We always love hearing your suggestions.

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