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December 15, 2017

“WHY” We Do What We Do

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In the photography business, and I’m sure almost any business, there’s a reason you do what you do.
A “WHY”. Well, we’ve thought long and hard about ours. It comes down to a few things. So, here is our “WHY”!

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  1. We’ve been married for over 20 years. We love being together and we love working together. We’ve worked together at other jobs, but nothing like photographing weddings. We worked in an office together and we worked well as a team then. So we figured we’d make a good photography team. And being able to work alongside each other in such a high stress environment, because shooting a wedding can be fast paced and stressful, enables us to strengthen our own marriage. Sure we always have differences in opinion, be it on the business side or while shooting on a location, but as a team we work together to figure it out and it always seems to come together just the way we imagined. We have been asked over the years, how can you work together and not kill each other? It’s such an easy answer though. We do it because we respect each other and love each other.

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  1. We are believers in true love and everlasting friendships. We want to convey that to other couples too! Your marriage isn’t just about being together and loving each other. You are best friends who have come together to support each other through thick & thin, that’s what friends do. Since the day we first met, which will be a blog post all on it’s own, we haven’t been apart. Maybe a couple times that jay had to go out of town for work training, but other than that we do everything as a partnership and as a family. Our goal, as a husband and wife photography team, is to hopefully inspire young couples and show them that marriage is hard, but it’s so worth putting in the work. Do the hard things and it will make the easy things so much easier. We always want to be available for our couples too! We support your venture through life together and are rooting for you!

  1. The other part of our “WHY” is to preserve your memories. That may sound so cliché, but there’s more to it than just saying it. My (Jay) mother passed away when i was 16. I look back at my childhood and wish i had more photos of my mom. Even more, photos of my mom & dad together. They were the ones that showed me what being a couple was about. I have those memories in my head, but to have them in photo form would mean so much to me. My children, of course, never got to know their grandmother. To be able to show them pictures would mean the world to me. We want to capture photos that you can share with children and even your grandchildren. We’re huge believers in printing your photos. We talk about being story tellers all the time. Maybe some people don’t know what that means? But we are here to document this part of your life, to tell the story of you. But it doesn’t stop there. Your story is the pictures on your wall, the album on your coffee table. Even if it’s 4×6’s in an heirloom box, it’s all there to continue telling your story throughout your life together. When friends come over, your story is there on display for them to see. And nothing makes our hearts happier than seeing our art on your walls or our work on your tables. Share it with us, we love seeing it!

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One thing we have discovered through our 20 plus years together, life is hard and relationships are hard. But having the people you love to share it with makes it so much more enjoyable. We hope this post hasn’t bored you too much. We just want you to know, this journey is worth it. You’re in this together and it will be the scariest, most fun and the best venture you’ve ever embarked on. Don’t let anyone alter your story, you are the author, write an epic tale!

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